Kaprica Security

Kaprica Security delivers enterprise software and services in cyber security and mobility.


Enterprise mobile device configuration and deployment software


Easy to deploy enterprise application integrity


World-Class Research & Development


Enterprise mobile device vulnerability scanning software

What makes Kaprica unique?

We have top-notch engineering and support expertise with our roots in the DoD and Intelligence cyber security space, including multiple DARPA R&D awards. DARPA has been responsible for funding the development of technologies that have had a major effect on the world, from the Stealth Fighter Plane, to the Internet itself.

Not content to merely deliver high quality cyber security services to a niche audience, we constantly test the market potential of early-stage laboratory technologies. Our R&D team, combined with our customer-facing teams regularly deliver scalable, easy-to-use technologies into a much wider audience: government, enterprise, and device OEMs.

With those tools, we have strong enterprise mobile security and cloud experience, driving large-scale rollouts, with tens of thousands of smartphones and tablet devices. Our portfolio of enterprise software and professional services cover Government, Healthcare, Finance, Retail, Energy & OEM.